Raw Materials Albania

Prof. Asoc ANA FOCIRO Expert Academia and Research

Ana Fociro is graduated as a Geologist Engineer, at the Faculty of Geology and Mining, in July 2008. Since January 16, 2009, she is part of the academic staff at the Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Geology and Mining. During these years, in addition to specializing in the petrography of sedimentary rocks, she has participated in a wide range of academic and scientific activities. Among them, we can mention: teaching, scientific research, management of students’ diplomas, collaborations with colleagues and other domestic and foreign institutions within research projects, and participation in conferences, seminars, trainings and other scientific activities. The experience in deciphering the characteristics, formation conditions and potentials of sedimentary rocks, which occupy about 85% of the entire territory of Albania and are widely used as mineral raw material, can have a significant impact on the discovery and use of their mineral resources in Albania.
During the last few years, she has developed deep skills in the field of innovation, working on various international and national projects related to the development of innovative products and services in the field of geology.

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