Raw Materials Albania

Dr. Ledi Moisiu Director

Graduating as a Mineral Processing Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Tirana in 1991, Dr. Moisiu has since built an impressive portfolio of achievements. Her journey continued with further education in Italy and Greece, culminating in a Doctor of Science degree.
With over two decades of experience in GIS technologies and remote sensing, Dr. Moisiu has been at the forefront of digital mapping and the innovative application of geological data. Her work has not only supported but also propelled advancements in the mining of raw materials, emphasizing the importance of geoinformatization.
As a part-time lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Tirana since 2019, Dr. Moisiu has shared her knowledge and experience with the next generation of geologists and engineers. Her role in various EU-funded geoscience projects and her position on the Executive Committee of Progeo highlight her influence and commitment to the field.
Dr. Moisiu’s recent appointment as the Director of the Regional Innovation Center for Mineral Raw Materials is a recognition of her contributions to mining and geosciences. Her organizational prowess and active participation in national events further underscore her multifaceted skill set.
Dr. Moisiu’s story is one of continuous growth and contribution, inspiring many in the geosciences community. Her numerous publications serve as a valuable resource for professionals and students alike, ensuring her legacy will influence the field for years to come.

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